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Preventive Treatment:

STAR PEST CONTROL has the expertise to treat your home or business before pests become a problem. We will evaluate your individual living conditions and unique requirements to best recommend a preventive treatment plan that will keep you and your family or employees free of the nuisance of seasonal pests.

Most of our preventive pest services feature outdoor perimeter treatment sprays or the installation of bait stations. If you anticipate a problem with fall invaders such as lady bugs or cluster flies, we will utilize a whole-house perimeter treatment starting at the roof (including eaves and windows) all the way down to your foundation. For spring invaders (spiders, wasps, bees, etc.), we will put down a one-time annual application around the perimeter of your home or business and will also spray under decks and behind shutters where these pests will harbor. For small rodents such as mice and rats, we will install and maintain bait stations around the outside of the building and will set up an agreement - based on your specific needs - to inspect the stations on a regular basis.


Eradication & Elimination:

STAR PEST CONTROL will inspect and evaluate your premises and will provide you with a prevention plan for all seasonal treatments designed to eliminate most, if not all, the problems you may encounter. If, however, you haven't put a pest prevention plan into place and you find that your home or office has been infested. STAR PEST CONTROL has the right products and a wealth of experience to eradicate your pest situation and clear your home or office of the invaders.

Click on the image below to view a video clip
of carpenter ants at work

Sawdust (fraz) can be seen as the ants
remove it from the wall.


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of hornets working on nest

New York State Area Pests

Listed below are some of the more common pest problems that are found seasonally throughout western New York.

Pavement ants, Carpet beetles, Carpenter ants, Oriental cockroaches, Wolf spiders, Yellow sac spiders, House mice
Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider

Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, Oriental cockroaches, House spiders, Wolf spiders, Yellow sac spiders, Cat fleas, Bald-faced hornets, Yellow jackets
Bald-Faced Hornet
Bald-Faced Hornet

Carpenter ants, Cluster flies, Box elder bugs, Wolf spiders, Yellow sac spiders, Cat fleas, Bald-faced hornets, Yellow jackets, House mice, Norway rats
Cluster Fly
Cluster Fly

Carpet beetles, House mice, Norway rats,
Roof rats


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